We believe in challenging the status quo; bridging private sector organizations with schools and non-profits allows both groups to impact their bottom lines. As a private sector company, partnering with IAG will benefit you two-fold. First, you have the opportunity to do work that matters. Your contributions can make a meaningful impact in the communities you service. Second, this value add can be created at nearly no cost while positively impacting your bottom line.

Specifically, Improvement Assurance Group will work with your team on what we call Impact Initiatives. Impact Initiatives are projects funded by tax deductible grants that you, as the donor, construct. Each Impact Initiative serves the interest of both your company and your community. What are your organization’s core values? What is your mission? Your Impact Initiative will align with your organization so that the positive outcomes associated with it become powerful stories and pipelines to fill organization needs. From here, your Impact Initiative reaches the community and constituents with a shared vision or need, apply.

Improvement Assurance Group oversees this process and ensures that from concept to launch to completion, your Impact Initiative achieves two goals:

1. Meaningful work – All Impact Initiatives create a meaningful opportunity to improve community outcomes.

2. Results – All Impact Initiatives will positively impact your bottom line and will keep education and non-profit groups accountable for carrying out the intention of each project.

There is no shortage of work to be done. Communities all around the United States are in need of assistance and IAG is primed to ensure your help yields meaningful results.

Contact us today to begin designing or improving your Impact Initiative.