Comprehensive Readiness Assessment

Comprehensive Readiness Assessment

The success of grant-based improvement begins with planning and accelerates at the point of recipient selection.  As our signature service, Comprehensive Readiness Assessment is a package that informs grant funders of the capacity, capability and commitment to creating results through the funding and assistance they receive.

As a grant funder hedge your bet and ensure your contribution makes a meaningful difference. By requiring a comprehensive readiness assessment as part of your grant application process you will gain specific information on the capacity of the organizations applying for funding and their willingness and ability to do what it takes to actualize the intention of your grant.

Comprehensive Readiness Assessment is a mixed methods, 360 degree look into the organizations applying for funds.  Each assessment evaluates applicants on nine dimensions.  The specific details or expectations of each dimension are customized to reflect the necessary skills, abilities, systems, practices and capacity to effectively create the outcomes expected in your grant initiative.

Upon completion of the assessment your grant review team will be provided with a full report that details the applicants readiness score and the background behind it.   The information will empower you to see beyond their application and gain an inside view into the inner workings of an organization prior to funding.

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