Q: Why do we need IAG to do this work? 

A: If you want to make a sincere impact, you need inside knowledge. If you want a low to no cost avenue to create meaningful results in schools and community, you need the expertise and process offered by Improvement Assurance Group.  Our educators and researchers offer a critical point of view to foundations and corporations seeking to engage with education.  Our expertise and experience are paired with a keen attention to customer service to ensure that our working relationship is both impactful and enjoyable.

Q: How does IAG improve my bottom line? 

A: The work facilitated by IAG is first and foremost meaningful. Your bottom line will be impacted through the powerful stories of corporate engagement you will authentically construct through impact initiatives. IAG will help you tell these stories and customers are sure to positively respond. Second, all of IAG’s services and the funding required to back impact initiatives is tax deductible. Our team will support you to discern the financial impact this work can create for your organization.

Q: What does this work typically look like? 

A: There isn’t anything typical about this work; that’s what makes it so meaningful and exciting. IAG will work with you to construct an Impact Initiative or improve an existing grant project. We will ensure that all of our work speaks to your companies values and mission so that usable stories and media are a byproduct of the process.

Q: How long does this work take? 

A: This depends on the services you would like and the outcomes you expect from your impact initiatives. We believe in working quickly without compromising quality. Included in any quote is a detailed timetable and we communicate progress and achievement of milestones along the way.

Q: Where do I start? 

A: Contact us! All work is custom and we are happy to meet and begin exploring how to do meaningful work with you.

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