About IAG

Founded on the core belief that people and organizations genuinely want to make a positive difference, Improvement Assurance Group exists to challenge the status quo of grant-based improvement and innovation efforts in the education space. After spending over a decade serving in high needs schools, Founder and CEO Meghan Kenney Velasquez has come to know first hand the dramatic need that exists for bridging private sector organizations and foundations with education and non-profits.

In her years improving and innovating inner-city schools,  Dr. Velasquez experienced first hand the eager willingness of corporations and foundations to support education.  Likewise, she has worked with countless, passionate educators who want nothing more than the best for their students. Yet, the system and the children in it continue to struggle and of the voluminous funding entering education only a small fraction is yielding sustainable results.  Realizing that there was no shortage of eagerness or hope, Dr. Velasquez founded Improvement Assurance Group to serve as a bridge between these worlds for the mutual benefit of funders and recipients alike.

Thus, Improvement Assurance Group exists to ensure that grant-based improvement and innovation efforts yields measurable outcomes. The charge is two-fold.

  • Working on behalf of funding agencies, our services increase the certainty that grant funds will produce measurable outcomes and that those most primed to actualize the intentions of grant dollars will be recognized and awarded. In so doing, corporations and foundations gain the opportunity to dramatically and positively impact communities and students without impacting their own bottom line.
  • Working alongside educators and non-profit agencies, Improvement Assurance Group supports teams with the internal growth and capacity building necessary to bring about significant results.  We apply cross-sector thinking and strategies to education and non-profit work to ensure communities and students realize improved life and learning outcomes.

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